our mission is to open the lines of communication across every generation to enrich relationships

our mission & goals

There’s no love stronger than a parent for a child. So that’s where you put everything that truly matters…in your Parentfile. 


Whether you have a newborn or an adult child, we make it fun to start adding to your Parentfile. And deeply satisfying to be in touch and sharing things about your family through our platform, emails and Milestone Surprises.


While Parentfile is for parents to create for their own children, we also feel there is an additional benefit of opening the lines of communication more naturally with your own parents as they get older. By simply talking to them and asking questions about things in your family, this hopefully leads to you being more “in-sync” with them as they get older. We’ve also included some ideas, tools and resources to help you be supportive and there for them as they inevitably get older.


We take the safety and security of member’s information incredibly seriously. We think of ourselves as guardians of your electronic safety deposit box, and are constantly looking at ways to back up data, make it more secure, and treat it as if it were our own priceless treasures we had to guard with our lives.  


Our long-term goal is for everyone to have a Parentfile in addition to a will - but this is for “the stuff that truly matters” and it is so EASY and SATISFYING to set-up and add things to, it opens the lines of communication between generations in a much more NATURAL AND FUN way, and you get so much enjoyment out of it WHILE LIVING as well.

our story

Parentfile was founded in 2018 by Jonathan Aspatore. This was 3 years after Jonathan’s Dad handed him a piece of paper with “all the phone numbers and information you’ll need if something happens to me.” Jonathan’s Dad, being far smarter than Jonathan and ahead of the game, created what we internally call the first Parentfile. We simply took the idea, digitized it, added some fun elements to it, and launched Parentfile. In addition to being the CEO of Parentfile, Jonathan is also the CEO of WonderDads, AdvisoryCloud and Aspatore Ventures. 

Parentfile was awarded the first-ever trademark for a platform for parents in 2019 and even more importantly is helping thousands of parents across the world feel fantastic about all the treasures they are saving for their children. We are only getting started, and we measure our success by helping parents “save the love” in their Parentfile. We watch the number grow daily of the hundreds of thousands of priceless treasures parents are saving in their Parentfiles. 

Parentfile is headquartered in Marin County, California, with operations, marketing and engineering employees all over the world. If you’re interested in joining our team, please click here to reach out as we’re always looking to add great new people.