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Scott Howard

"Imagine a world where your children can easily find pics, family memorabilia and history, as well as the important medical, legal and financial information they may need- all in one place!"

Stephan Smith

"So much of our lives are kept digitally now that it is critical as a parent to have a plan for how we pass these files on to our spouses and children when we die. Parentfile gives us a safe, private, and compassionate way to ensure our digital memories live on."

Lewis Brown

"Having a centralized location with optional sharing with other families and/or relatives, is a fantastic idea. It makes life easier when you have a secure, easy to access location to store, index and locate your important memories and information."

Thomas Rowan

"In the 21st century, we need a digital version of the Baby Books of old. Parentfile provides a way to share our legacies as parents with children, be they young or adults themselves. With so many digital solutions competing for our attention, saving our memories of those we love will enable our families to perpetuate themselves in living memory."

Pam Jackson

"Don’t rely on memory and paper to store your most precious treasures and memories. Digitize them and store them for your children and children’s children and beyond."

Warren Burke

"Having all your important memories and documents in one place can leave a great legacy for family members that can be passed on for many generations."

Kasi Sridharan

"Passing the values that the family cherishes is as import
ant as passing on the wealth.”

Todd Oosterhouse

"Creating memories that last a lifetime, to be shared and remembered."

Nitesh Patel

"A great and well needed product to save items digitally that are often lost in the chaos of life but have institutional value to your future generations."
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